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Why do I take photos?  I’m a visual person.  In most aspects of life, I prefer an image to explain the situation, so I’m drawn to a photograph.  And like someone can feel the emotion from a piece of music, I can get the same feelings from a picture.

I like photography because it gives me time to think.  Just me and the camera.  I can sit for a couple of hours watching the world go by, taking pictures of moments that I hope represent what my day has involved.

I don’t have a particular genre.  I guess I would favour Portrait, Sport, Documentary and Street Photography, but I like to have a go at everything.


I’ve recently moved to use a Fuji XT-2, so I can be more lightweight. I also use a Fuji X100F, a fantastic camera.  


I process pictures using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  There will always be a debate about processing.  Personally I believe it depends on the context and the processing that is undertaken.  But despite what people think, it was always done in the darkroom - now it's just easier.

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